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Ham Radio Information Sharing
Tech Notes for anything related to Ham Radio, from old and new digital modes on HF like PSK31, FT-8, JS8, FreeDV to VHF/UHF modes such as DMR, DSTAR, Fusion, M17, etc.., Satellite operations, or just getting on the air to make contacts. Using this group to share many of the technical discoveries for the work around solutions for issues, update announcements, and where to ask for help if needed with these. Walter/K5WH
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  • Amateur Radio Mentoring Group (ARMG)
    If you are looking to find help or share information, please post in the main group ( ) to reach a wider audience. ARMG is an informal sub-group of Ham-Radio-Tech-Notes ( ) with the objective of providing programs for radio amateurs around newer technologies and operating modes. Our programs primarily target newly licensed and returning amateurs. Our motto is " No one should not be able to get on the air!" * * We plan to conduct monthly virtual events, typically on the last Monday. Our *program calendar* is located at the ARMG calendar ( ) and ARMG teamup calendar. ( ) The program will usually focus on one general topic consisting of 3-4 interactive sub-topics. *Programs are recorded* and available here ( ).  The monthly PowerPoint files and associated links are in the files section. ( ) Our hope is that additional special interest groups (SIGs) will form to further explore some of the sub-topics discussed during the monthly programs. If you have ideas on future programs or wish to explore previous ones in more depth, please let us know! We are always looking for hams to be part of our steering team. You can contact us here ( ) or many of us hang out on DMR Brandmeister AMSAT TG 98006. 73!
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