FW: [AMSAT-BB] SatPc32ISS problems with GREENCUBE

Walter Holmes K5WH



Give this a try, and see if it woks out better now..





From: Erich Eichmann <erich.eichmann@...>
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2022 5:13 AM
Subject: [AMSAT-BB] SatPc32ISS problems with GREENCUBE


I have uploaded a revised SatPC32ISS.exe, which hopefully fixes the SatPC32ISS problems  with GREENCUBE (frequency drift etc.). Also, it supports USB-D/LSB-D.

The file can be downloaded here:


or as zip file here:

Simply copy the file  into the SatPC32 program folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SatPC32).
Because of the different name, it will not overwrite your current SatPC32ISS. Start the program with the Windows Explorer. It will switch the radio into SPLIT mode (unless the radio is already in Satellite mode).

In menu CAT specify the CAT interval and save the change (the file does no longer share its CAT interval with the FM interval of the normal SatPC32 as it did previously).  Don't set the interval too low!  In  Non-Satellite mode the radios (at least most as far as I know) go mute for the fraction of a second, when the frequencies are updated via CAT command. SatPC32ISS has to do that for Doppler correction.   That can cause data losses, if packet data is received at that time. The pre-set 50 Hz interval seems to be a good value.

The new file supports also FM-D. The entry in Doppler.SQF has to be FMD, the entries for USB-D an LSB-D) have to be USB-D and LSB-D.

If everything works, I will upload new setup files.

73s, Erich, DK1TB




Edward Dowdy KA9EES

I dropped that file into SatPC32 and it appears to behave as it should. Won't be able to test xmit till Monday.