FW: [wsjt-devel] Release Candidate WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc5

Walter Holmes K5WH


Release: WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc5
November 29, 2022

WSJT-X 2.6.0 Release Candidate 5 brings a number of improvements as
well as some bug fixes.

In program WSJT-X:

- Better calibration for FST4/W SNR estimates.

- Upload FST4W-900 spots to wsprnet with TR code 15 instead of 16.

- Improved FT8 decoding on crowded bands.

- The Working frequency table now offers the following options:
- Better handling of more than one frequency per band.
- Set your preferred frequencies, WSJT-X always comes back to these
QRGs when changing band or mode.
- You can label your frequencies with descriptions (e.g. DXp AB0YXZ).
- Option to set Start and End Date/Time, so that the frequencies
automatically appear and disappear. Useful for contest or
DXpedition QRGs.
- Load a frequency table from a file to easily get all such data

- In Fox mode, there are now a few additional functions that allow
operators to react even better to different QSO situations:
- A new two-column table in Tab 2 provides a better overview of
the queue and of the callsigns with QSOs in progress.
- Fox operator can now change the ordering of callsigns in the
queue so that he can react if there is only a narrow time slot
for a particular QSO due to propagation.
- Fox now responds for another two cycles to stations whose
report was not received, increasing the success rate for a
difficult QSO.

- Correct a flaw in Hound mode that sometimes prevented completion of
QSOs with non-standard calls.

- Improvements to EME Echo mode:
- New control "Avg" sets the number of Echo cycles to be averaged.
- New capability to display measurements of wideband noise power as
a function of time. This can be useful for measuring Sun noise,
antenna tracking errors, and the like.
- Several minor bug fixes

- Correct a flaw that prevented WSJT-X from always initializing
correctly when special operating activities were enabled.

- Correct a flaw that caused wrong Tx frequencies to be written to

- The GUI has been improved regarding some details. The controls now
scale better at different font sizes and on different operating

- When in Hound mode and click the "H" button again, the frequency
is now kept. This gives the user the following two options to return
to normal FT8 mode:
- Click the "H" button again. Then you will stay on the QRG.
- Click the "FT8" button (or use the Settings menu). It brings
you back to the default FT8 QRG.

- Decodes flagged as 'a7' are now disabled when "Enable AP" is not
checked, and during the first period after a band change.

- The network address of the UDP server is now checked for errors
before being accepted.

- Some improvements to the DX Lab Suite Commander interface.

- Correct some possible flaws that could cause segfault errors in
certain unusual situations.

- Warnings on dropped audio have been disabled for now, as detection
has turned out to be not reliable enough.

- Correct a long-standing flaw which caused the "Transmit digital gain"
overlay to appear somewhere on the screen.

- "Highlight DX Call" now also works when the other station is <...>.

- CQ messages without a grid are now sent to PSK reporter.

- Several other minor corrections (tool tips, etc.).

Program MAP65 (Windows only) includes several minor bug fixes and two
tentative new features:
- an aid for measuring antenna pointing errors
- an ability to read the file wsjtx.log (kept by WSJT-X) to recognize
EME contest dupes.


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Dear WSJT-X Users,

We are pleased to announce that Release Candidate WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc5 is ready
for download by beta testers. The list of changes since Release Candidate 4
is extensive. Be sure to read the Release Notes:

Links for downloading WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc5 can be found on the WSJT-X Home Page,
Scroll down to find "Candidate release: WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc5".

Installation files for Raspberry Pi are not yet available, but will be
posted as soon as possible.

We hope you will enjoy using this beta release of WSJT-X 2.6.0. As a beta
tester you should report on your experiences using one of the relevant WSJT
forums. Bugs should be reported by following instructions found here in the
User Guide:


WSJT-X and MAP65 are licensed under the terms of Version 3 of the GNU
General Public License (GPLv3). Development of this software is a
cooperative project to which many amateur radio operators have contributed.
If you use our code, please have the courtesy to let us know about it. If
you find bugs or make improvements to the code, please report them to us in
a timely fashion. Additional licensing details can be found here:

73 from the WSJT Core Development Team
Joe, K1JT; Steve, K9AN; Nico, IV3NWV; Uwe, DG2YCB;
Brian, N9ADG; and John, G4KLA

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